Personal year-end work summary 1200 words 2021 collection

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Summary is the analysis and induction of the past year, how to write the year-end summary, let's learn it together! The following is the "personal year-end work summary 1200 words and 2021 collections" compiled by the editor, for reference only. Welcome to read this article. Article 1: personal year-end work summary 1200 words 2021 collection time passed in a flash, the company has been almost x years in a twinkling of an eye. This is a precious experience in my life. During this period of time, leaders at all levels have given me great help in their work and great concern in my life, making me fully feel the leaders' broad-mindedness of "accepting all rivers" and feeling that Dafa people "do not experience wind and rain." how can you see the rainbow? While showing great respect for _ _, I am also proud that I have the opportunity to be a part of _ _. In the past three months, under the careful care and guidance of leaders and colleagues, through their own efforts, necessary progress has been made in all aspects. I would like to make the following report on my work. First, abide by the rules and regulations, work conscientiously, love your job and respect your work, and the quality of professional ethics is the guarantee for the smooth development of every work and the ultimate success. I can abide by the rules and regulations of the company, conscientiously do a good job in this job, never arrive late and leave early, complete every task with enthusiasm, earnestly and conscientiously, and conscientiously perform the duties of the post. I unite with colleagues in daily life and constantly improve my teamwork spirit. Second, seriously study post functions according to the current division of work, my main tasks are as follows: 1. Responsible for company training; 2. Responsible for industrial injury insurance; 3. Writing and temporary work in the office. By completing the above work, it makes me realize that a competent manager should have good language expression potential, fluent writing potential, strong organizational leadership potential, flexible problem handling potential, effective external contact potential, and large-scale event planning and preparation potential. Third, deficiency and need improvement with the further familiarity with the company and work, I also expect the leader to assign more work in the future. I think doing more work can better reflect the value of my life. "work is good at diligence but wasted in play". In my future work, I will continue to learn business knowledge and constantly improve my business skills through more reading, asking more, learning more and practicing more. There is no end to learning, the development of the times is changing rapidly, and the knowledge of various disciplines is changing with each passing day. I will make unremitting efforts to learn all kinds of knowledge and use it to guide practice. In the future work, we should strive to be a good staff assistant to the leader, do a good job in creativity and solidity in our work, and contribute our strength to the development of our work. What time is it?