The quilt of the dormitory is not up to standard 2022

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Do people living in the dormitory often go through dormitory inspection? if the dormitory quilt is not up to standard, how should I be asked to write a review? The following is the "dormitory quilt substandard 2022 words Review" compiled by the editor, for reference only, welcome to read this article. Dormitory quilt substandard 2022 (1) Dear Health Inspection teacher: Hello! I know I was wrong. I didn't make the quilt. I not only didn't pay attention to self-hygiene, but also didn't cooperate with your work. I know it's wrong, and I blame myself. Now, I submit to you a letter of review. In the face of my mistake, my wrong behavior of not folding sheets seriously affected the sanitary image of the dormitory, resulting in 5 points deducted from the sanitary score of the dormitory, resulting in serious health problems. Looking back on my mistake, I am deeply aware of the seriousness of the problem. In the final analysis, this mistake is caused by my low personal consciousness and lack of health awareness. After deep repentance, I summed up the reasons for my mistakes as follows: 1. My sense of responsibility is not strong, my personal hygiene behavior is loose, I am not down-to-earth, and I am dishonest. 2. I have serious inertia. I am lazy when I get up, and even a little bit of the sheets are not folded properly, which leads to such hygiene problems. 3. My personal hygiene attitude is not good and I have not developed good hygiene habits. Through this incident, I deeply understood the mistake and made a profound review to you: first of all, I decided to admit my mistake to you, admit it to my dorm classmates, and submit this review as a guarantee for the future. Secondly, I guarantee that every day I get up in the future, I must fold the sheets and fold the sheets neatly. In addition, I should develop good hygiene habits and resolutely fight against dirty and messy ones. Finally, I beg the teacher's forgiveness. I hope the teacher can forgive me this time. I will do a good job in the dormitory environment in the future. Be a student who loves hygiene. This salute! reviewer: xxx 2022 x x dormitory quilt substandard 500word review 2022 (2) Dear teacher: Hello! when I randomly checked the dormitory situation, I found that my quilt was not folded, and it was very unqualified, which did not meet the requirements and I also wanted to correct it. Folding the quilt is actually a good living habit, but I did not do it properly. Here, we should also reflect and review our behavior. At the same time, we should not deduct points during the dormitory evaluation because of our own problems. I am also sorry to other students in the dormitory who have done a good job. I want to apologize to them. Although the unqualified this time is also due to the teacher's strict inspection, in fact, I really did not fold it well and was in a mess. At first glance, I did not do it well. In fact, these living habits were taught by the teacher in the hope that we could perform neatly. At the same time, we can also understand that a good habit will benefit us all our lives. After all, learning to tidy up our own bedroom is not so messy. Not only the hygiene requirements are good, but also can give people beauty, so that we can better deal with life. Things, and it can also be better for others to visit. The teacher has always urged us to do a good job, but I still relaxed and didn't take it to heart. The reason why I didn't find out before was that the teacher didn't find out about our dormitory. And when I wanted to check, I folded it temporarily. In fact, it's not that I couldn't make the quilt, but Slack Off, I just felt casual. It never occurred to me that this habit should be formed. I'm sorry to add trouble to the teacher and let you worry about it. I know it's inappropriate to do this, and I can't do it myself under such circumstances. good habits are what teachers want us to have. it can also make our lives neat and clean, but I do return Slack Off, the dormitory inspection is unqualified, and the deduction of points is also my reason. I feel very guilty. Because of my own reasons, the efforts of the students are all in vain. I know it is useless to say any more. after all, it has already happened, but I can't do it again in the future. I should also do well what the teacher asked us to do. Instead of letting you worry about it, I'm sorry I didn't do it well, and I won't do it in the future. At the same time, it is this incident that reminds me that I have to seriously improve my living habits. You can't do it so lazily, and you have to develop good habits. If I did not do a good job in this inspection, I will also correct it. In the future, I will seriously according to the teacher's need to feed my habits of life and not make mistakes again. I will also be responsible for the dormitory. I can't deduct points in the dormitory because of my own problems. I'm sorry that the students didn't get the excellent dormitory. I know that only good living habits have been formed, but also for themselves, for the dormitory will be better, will be done in the future. This salute! reviewer: xxx 2022 x x dormitory quilt substandard 2022 (3) Dear teacher: Hello! in this week's dormitory hygiene sample inspection, the hygiene of our xx dormitory was rated as unqualified, we saw the reason, it is really that we did not do a good job of hygiene, I want to review. The quilts in the dormitory are not stacked neatly, some are not folded directly, shoes are misplaced, there is rubbish on the floor, our desks are not tidied up, and books and other items are in a mess. Originally, I was not convinced, but the hygiene of our dormitory is actually good. Although we don't clean every day, we still take out the trash and mop the floor every week, but I saw the photos of the dormitory with good hygiene released by the teacher. I think there is no dispute that the hygiene of our dormitory is not up to standard. In this health inspection, we thought that we should not be drawn to our dormitory. After all, our dormitory is the second dormitory in the stairwell. Generally speaking, teachers either like the first dormitory or the last dormitory, as well as the middle dormitory. As a result, I did not expect that this time the other floors of the teacher were sampled, but we checked all the floors directly. However, in case we still take out the rubbish, the ground has been dragged again, but other places have not been sorted out. In this way, the teacher naturally sees that the messy environment of our dormitory has not escaped the teacher's eye. Although we may feel that we can live in such an environment, it is actually relatively dirty. It may be that our requirements for hygiene are not so high, and at the same time, it also shows that we are relatively lazy. After this spot check, I also saw the appearance of other dormitories. I knew how to clean up the dormitory in the future. I didn't just throw down the garbage and drag it to the floor. I also had to fold the quilt and put things neatly. If time permits, like doors and windows, all the windows should be wiped clean. I heard that there is a dormitory that is very clean. I have to wipe the doors and windows and mop the floor once a day. I feel that our dormitory can not do that, but I will still learn from them in the future, try to drag the floor several times a week, and then check and remind other students before leaving the dormitory every day, remember to put everything neatly. Teacher, if you come to our dormitory again in the future, you will certainly see a neat and tidy dormitory environment. Although boys are not as careful as girls in hygiene, we will try our best to do a good job and take the good dormitory environment as an example. Remind yourself all the time that you can't break the hygiene. After all, this dormitory is also the place where we live together, the time of the day. Almost more than 1/3 of the time is spent in the dormitory, and there is no rubbish on the ground. before, things like plastic bags and cardboard boxes should be disposed of in a timely manner and should not be put on the ground. Ask the teacher to believe and supervise us, we will make the dormitory environment well. This salute! reviewer: xxx 2022 x x dormitory quilt substandard 500word review 2022 (4) Dear teacher: Hello! in this dormitory inspection, our dormitory was rated poor because our quilts were not folded and scattered on the bed, which had a serious impact on the overall image of the dormitory. At first, I always thought that it was nonsense for the school to ask us to fold the quilt. Life is our own, and the bed is our own sleep. Why interfere with our rights? Besides, isn't it a waste of time to make quilts every day? It has taken some time to get up and wash early in the morning, and it is really a waste of time to make quilts. High school time is so tight, why spend time on these things? Of course, this is just what I thought before, and it is also the main reason for this bad rating. In this matter, I realized that a collective has a great influence on the individual, and a person has a greater influence on the collective. I still remember that when we first arrived in the dormitory, each of us followed the school's instructions and folded the quilt every day before going to class. But one day when one person stopped making quilts, others began to follow suit. And I was one of them. I became lazier and lazier, and even began to think that this rule of the school was nonsense. I found too many excuses for my laziness and too many excuses for my ignorance. This time, the teacher criticized me because as the head of the dormitory, I not only failed to manage my own behavior, but also connived at this kind of behavior of the whole dormitory, which caused a very bad influence. In addition, my thinking and attitude is not correct, this is really an angry and disappointing thing. Through the teacher's education, I began to understand that making quilts is not only a maintenance of our own life, but also a constraint on ourselves, but also an attitude towards our lives. Why can't you even take care of your own life? So if we are admitted to the university, but can not live independently, it is still a useless person? I now begin to understand the expectations of the school of us, the school is cultivating our comprehensive ability, but also trying to make us independent. In the past, my ideas were too extreme, so I made such a mistake. From now on, I will always be vigilant, no longer walk on the wrong edge, and will no longer affect the whole group because of my own behavior. The teacher is really sorry for bringing you a lot of troubles and troubles this time. I must have let you down. I apologize to you for the wrong words I said. I'm really sorry. I hope you can forgive me again. I will show a better myself and make you feel happy and comforted. This salute! reviewer: xxx 2022 x month x day