When does Yunnan have Winter Holiday 2022 Yunnan Winter Holiday time

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The time of winter vacation in primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province has been confirmed. Let's take a look at the specific arrangements for each stage of the holiday. The following is compiled by the editor for you when Yunnan winter vacation 2022 Yunnan winter vacation time, for reference only, welcome to read. 2022 Yunnan winter vacation time of Grade 1-8 no later than January 15, 2022; Grade 9 and Senior High School no later than January 22, 2022; students of Grade 1-8 register on February 27, 2022; students of Grade 9 and Senior High School register on February 20, 2022. Expand reading: winter vacation safety for parents (1) spend more time with their children during the holidays to warm up the parent-child relationship. (2) Communicate more, analyze and deal with children's emotions. (3) recognize the uniqueness of the child. Each child has his or her own unique temperament, emotions and needs. Understand your child's personality and recognize your child. (4) take children to chat with relatives and friends to improve emotional communication. (5) discuss the problems encountered in school with your children and help them solve them. (6) combine work and rest, adhere to physical exercise, and let children relax. (7) pay attention to the use time of your child's mobile phone, get close to nature and oxygenate your mood. Internet Fraud (1) protects personal information. Remind your child not to tell strangers important information such as home address and personal phone number when surfing the Internet. (2) do not trust netizens. Parents should remind their children to be careful in making friends online, it is difficult to tell the true from the false, avoid talking about privacy when chatting, and do not trust netizens and do some irrational things. (3) be sure to keep children away from campus loans and Internet fraud. As long as it involves money, parents must pay more attention to it.