The time of winter holiday in Inner Mongolia in 2022 has been announced.

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When is the winter vacation in Inner Mongolia? This should be an issue that both parents and children are concerned about. let's take a look at it together. The following is compiled by the editor for you, the 2022 Inner Mongolia winter vacation time has been announced, for reference only, welcome to read. 2022 Inner Mongolia winter vacation time kindergartens and primary schools have winter vacation on January 8, 2022 (Saturday), junior middle school on January 15, 2022 (Saturday), and senior high school on January 22, 2022 (Saturday). Expand reading: winter vacation food safety notes to pay attention to: (1) parents must go to the regular store to buy food, pay attention to the commodity logo, do not buy "three nothing" food. (2) to buy food produced by regular manufacturers, try to choose brands with good reputation. (3) do not blindly believe in advertisements on TV and the Internet, which do not represent authority. Diet to ensure nutritional health: (1) many foods and drinks contain a lot of additives, pigments, etc., long-term consumption will threaten health, so eat less. (2) before eating, you should smell, see, and taste the food. If there is anything abnormal, you should stop eating immediately. (3) eating less fried, smoked and barbecued food is not only unnutritious, but also harmful to health. Cultivate healthy eating habits: (1) remind children to develop good eating habits, wash hands before meals, wash clean, cooked food can be eaten. (2) eat three meals a day, eat regularly and rationally, and avoid overeating. (3) do not eat raw and cold food, do not eat unclean melons and fruits, do not eat rotten food, do not eat cold dishes, do not drink unboiled water, do not eat junk food.