Can Nanchong College of Foreign Affairs enroll students after graduating from junior high school?

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Nanchong Foreign Affairs College can be read after graduating from junior high school. Here are the details. Come and have a look. The enrollment objects and conditions of Nanchong College of Foreign Affairs are junior and senior high school graduates or aspiring young people who have the same level of education, are in good health and meet the requirements of directional training. Admission requirements: students come to school with ID card, hukou book, graduation certificate and physical examination certificate. Nanchong Foreign Affairs College is a special college established in 1994 with the approval of Sichuan Provincial people's Government (Chuanfuxin [1994] No.165). It is located at No. 526 Miankang South Road, Shunqing District, Nanchong City, covering an area of 300mu. The greening area is nearly 10, 000 square meters, and the construction area is 82000 square meters, including 45000 square meters for teaching and teaching assistance and 28000 square meters for daily use. The training ground is 9000 square meters and the sports area is 21000 square meters. The total value of experimental training equipment is more than 3000 million yuan, and the existing total assets are 180 million yuan. There are more than 280 faculty members and nearly 8000 full-time students.